Are you wondering how you can jailbreak iPhone 4/4S? Well, you probably are one of the millions of users around the globe who want to do the device enhancement. There are actually different ways to do the modification and if you want to start improving your device’s functionalities, you may follow the steps below.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4/4S

Before you can get started, please download the correct software here: Jailbreak Software

1. Before you make any changes, make sure that you back up your files from your device or sync with iTunes. This will guarantee that you will still be able to restore your device in case something goes wrong during the modification process.

2. Navigate to your device’s browser and then search for a reliable website that offers tools for the modification. You can take advantage of the software’s application.

3. Once you are in the website, download the application by clicking on the download button. It may take a few minutes before the tool can be successfully downloaded to your device.

4. The application will then take care of modifying your device. Once it successfully modified your phone, you will a pop-up app called “Cydia” on your screen.

5. Return to your springboard by pressing “OK”. And if you encounter any issue during or after the process, you can simply reboot the device.

Another way:

1. Make sure that you back up your files before doing anything with your device.

2. Go to software’s website and then download the application.  Click on the download link and wait until it is successfully downloaded on your device.

3. Once the tool is downloaded, decompress the file to see the evasion window.

4. Go to the window and drag the application to the desktop. Doing this will launch the application.

5. Connect your device and then find the jailbreak button. Click on it to allow the application to get information from your device.

6. Once the device reboots, don’t do anything as it is actually preparing for the modification.

7. When Cydia is already installed you can take advantage of the third-party applications available for you.

Again, before you can get started you’ll be needing the correct software. Download it here: Jailbreak Software

Modifying your device by following the steps above can be easy. Once you complete the whole modification process you will be able to take advantage of your device’s cool features such as the helpful and intelligent personal assistant Siri. There are many other applications which can be made available for you once your device is modified.

Knowing how to connect iPhone to Apple TV is one thing that most users would want to learn about. The process involved is actually simple and can be performed in just a matter of minutes. So if you want to reap the benefits of having the two devices connected to each other just follow the steps below: (this will also work for iPhone 4/4S).

  1. 1.       Get your Apple TV with remote, TV and iPhone. Also make sure that you are connected to a wireless network.
  2. 2.       Download and install the remote software application on your iPhone. This is essential as you won’t be able to successfully connect the two devices without it.
  3. 3.       Make sure that you iPhone and Apple TV are connected in the same network.
  4. 4.       Open remote, choose Add Library and get your four digit pass code.
  5. 5.       Confirm that your two devices are connected in the same wireless network by checking the IP address and the general settings.
  6. Ensure that your Apple TV is connected to your TV. Go to the General settings, click on the remotes option and select the tab that displays your iPhone.
  7. Using the infrared remote, enter the four-digit pass code and then click on Done.

The great thing about using this simple process is that it can make your life easier in using your devices. You will be able to take full control of your TV with a flick of a finger.

You just need to ensure that your devices are connected in the same wireless network and that you properly follow the given steps.

Time Capsule of Apple can be a very useful tool. Here are some tips to maximize its benefits.

  1. USB Port

Its USB port can be used as a USB hub so you can plug several USB hard drives and flash drives. You may also plug in USB printer to have a network storage server.

  1. Formatting

You just have to click the Erase tab found in Disk Utility. This will help you get it setup.

  1. Network Connection

You must use an N-only network when adding files to this drive. A 802.11n network lets you transfer big files easily.

  1. Backup time

You can schedule when this drive can backup your files. You can control its backup time by using third-party software. It is free.

  1. Manual backup

This is usually done if your device has been switched off. Performing a manual backup can be done by going to System Preferences of this device and switch its status to “On.”

These and other tips are very helpful especially if you are new to Time Capsule.

You can share all your iWork documents to any of your friends through iCloud. Or you can share it with iCloud so you can access your documents from your iPad or other Apple devices. Here are the steps on how to share your documents via iCloud.

  1. Go to iWork.
  2. Choose the button of the type of document that you want to share with iCloud.
  3. Drag those documents from your desktop into the window of
  4. Drag and drop these document types to your Keynote app window: MS PowerPoint and Keynote.
  5. Drag Window numbers, Excel and CSV to numbers app window
  6. Upload documents by clicking on the Upload Documents type
  7. Choose one or more Documents.
  8. Click on Choose button.

Make sure that you are log in to your iCloud account so you can share your iWork documents to iCloud. Good thing about it is that there are no restrictions when sharing your documents with this application.

If you want to utilize third-party browsers then you should learn how to change your default iPhone browser. Since iOS does not permit changing the default browser you actually need to make the changes yourself by following the steps below.

  1. In order to start changing your default iPhone browser you first need to launch Cydia in Springboard and then click on the “Sections” tab.
  2. Look for the Tweaks option by scrolling down and once you see it just tap on it to see the list of packages.
  3. Tap on the “Browser Changer” option to open it and then look at the upper right hand corner of the screen and then tap on the “Install” button.
  4. Confirm your action and once the installation is completed you just need to tap on “Restart Springboard”.
  5. The next thing that you need to do once springboard has restarted is to simply launch the “Settings” app and then select “Browser Changer”.
  6. Once you tap on “Browser Changer” you will then be given a variety of options that you can choose from for your default browser.

The Browser Changer is freely available in Cydia and it is an excellent option to use if you want to alter your device’s browser from default to Opera Mini, Google Chrome, Dolphin Browser and Atomic Browser. You just need to make sure that you install a browser that is supported by your device.

Properly doing the steps above will allow you to switch to a third party browser other than the mobile Safari. If you want to easily switch from the third-party browser to the mobile Safari or vice versa then you may need to install and enable or disable the Browser Changer SBSettings toggle.